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PTSOK can quickly supply rebar projects with stock length rebar and we can also provide extensive placement drawings and rebar fabrication for complicated commercial construction

PTSOK has solid relationships with multiple engineering firms and can facilitate many design options and pre-pour inspection services 

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We are a local, family owned business, specializing in Post-Tension Concrete materials supply and expert concrete reinforcing services. Our goal is to provide the highest quality materials and services in the concrete reinforcing industry throughout the state of Oklahoma. With years of experience in Post-Tension cable fabrication, stressing, and repairs you can rest easy that every project meets or exceeds all local building codes...


Whether it’s your first home or your dream home, Tennis Court, or commercial development, our skilled staff can service all of your concrete reinforcing needs.

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Post-tensioning utilizes concrete's inherent compressive strength to construct slab-on-ground foundations.  Concrete is exceptionally strong in compression, but weak in tension.  Post-Tension introduces an external compressive force into the concrete before the foundation experiences soil induced movements.  The concrete becomes more resistant to tensile stresses that tend to pull the concrete apart and cause it crack and separate.  


We have built our reputation and our business on solid relationships.  We take pride in doing our very best to do what we say we will do, to the best of our ability for our customers, vendors, and employees. Honesty, integrity, and safety are the foundation of our business.  --Everything we say and everything we do stand on these foundations-- 

PTSOK adheres to Post-Tension Institute standards of fabrication and record keeping with continuous training and regularly calibrated equipment  

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